Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY Becomes Assistant General Manager for Felice83

Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY worked to build a popular neighborhood presence upholding the proud standards of the legacy of Sant Ambroeus Hospitality Group. Beautifully Italian at its core, SA Hospitality Group has brought traditional Italian sensibilities to the fore to appeal to its modern New York City diners. SA Group has brought three fine dining brands to long-standing New York neighborhoods since 2003: Sant Ambroeus, Casa Lever and Felice. Today, 12 restaurant venues thrive in Manhattan, Southampton and Palm Beach, Florida.

As Assistant General Manager of Sant Ambroeus Hospitality Group’s Felice83 on 1st Avenue at 83rd, Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY worked to strengthen the brand through innovative concepts. He developed and launched weekly emails to staff, keeping them updated on restaurant changes and hospitality. This increased communication with his colleagues allowed for greater staff support and adherence to company standards. Calastri raised awareness and enforcement of sanitary food handling, cleanliness and appropriate maintenance of kitchen and dining sanitation. Alessandro Calastri monitored strict compliance with operating standards and company policy as well as adherence to all federal, state and local statutes. Calastri placed food and beverage orders, scheduled deliveries, maintained guidelines for service, restaurant dishes, appearance of staff and dining room and worked for exemplary diner experiences. He also managed reservations, the hiring of high quality staff members and kept strict inventory of wine, liquor and beer inventory.

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Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY Studies Academics of Restaurant Management

By 2014, Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY was enrolled in a Restaurant Management field of study at International Culinary Center of New York. He also moved from his Expeditor position at Lincoln Ristorante in Lincoln Center in New York City to work as the Assistant General Manager at Felice83 on the Upper East Side. Operating on 1st Avenue at 83rd Street, Felice83 is a ristorante wine bar which is inspired by the sophistication of Florence and the rusticity of the Tuscan region of Italy. Executive Chef Antonio Pampalone has designed the Tuscan menu of Felice83, and owner and restaurateur Jacopo Giustiniani is the wine buyer for a variety of FELICE locations as well as the Sant Ambroeus and Casa Lever restaurants. Giustiniani brings his passion for Italian cuisine a la Florence, Italy and his love of the wines from his family winery in Lucca, Italy to the excellence of this 65-seat restaurant and 34 seat outdoor patio.

Joining the staff of Felice83 of the Sant Ambroeus Hospitality Group of New York in 2014, Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY dove into his new Assistant General Managership with confidence and enthusiasm. Calastri was made responsible for management of all areas of Felice 83, enabled to finalize decisions made regarding guest service. Calastri supervised staff, provisioning his expert hospitality employees to provide quality service to clientele.

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Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY Changes to Intense Pace of Clientele at Lincoln Ristorante

As an Expeditor at Lincoln Ristorante, Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY worked in a high volume atmosphere. Lincoln Ristorante is a Michelin star establishment, guide books published by Michelin Tire Company for more than a century for tourists and others who travel on their tires. The Red Guide is the oldest European guide to hotels and restaurants on the continent, so named in 1931 for the change in color of its cover. The guide had begun to assign a hierarchy of stars to the best restaurants in its pages in 1926. Calastri was charged with executing a high level of daily restaurant service for a constantly changing clientele, and he worked to control the pace of service at the restaurant with an increased level of time management. Calastri also strove to communicate with colleagues more effectively, as his priority was to ensure that dishes were presented properly and garnished appropriately before arriving in the dining room.

The Lincoln Ristorante in Lincoln Center, New York City offers fine Italian dining in a fast-paced environment, and Expeditor Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY was the leader of the kitchen servers, who he organized and managed. Calastri was the liaison between the kitchen and the front of the house, providing ongoing information regarding the preparation and pace of service. Calastri was also responsible for the inventory of dining service pieces. He maintained clear and consistent communication with the chef regarding special needs of dining guests and particularly high-profile guests. Calastri also assisted restaurant staff with special dining events.

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Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY Works Management in French, Italian Cuisine Venues

From haute French cuisine restaurant La Grenouille, Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY took the position in 2013 of Expeditor with Lincoln Ristorante at 142 West 65th Street in Lincoln Center. Today’s Lincoln Ristorante offers the Italian cuisine of Chef Jonathan Benno. Local farmers and the Tucker Square Greenmarket are important purveyors of the freshest ingredients, while uniquely Italian ingredients and inclusions come directly from Italy. Chef Benno offers fresh pastas, grissini and focaccia while pastry Chef Richard Capizzi provides the traditional light and irresistible desserts which are classic for Italians.

The heart of Lincoln Ristorante at Lincoln Center, New York, NY today, as it was during restaurateur Alessandro Calastri’s time there as Expeditor, is the beautiful reflecting pool and the iconic Henry Moore sculpture. Lincoln Ristorante features panoramic views of New York and a grassy lawn roof inside the unique architecture of the glass pavilion designed by Diller, Scofidio and Renfro. A central open kitchen and 350 selections on the ever evolving wine list focus, as with the fine cuisine of Chef Benno on local producers of the best in new and traditional wines. Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY had followed up his initial experiences in traditional French haute cuisine dining at La Grenouille on 52nd St. with the modern surroundings of American Italian dining in Lincoln Center.

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Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY Learns from Ground Up

An apprentice at La Grenouille, Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY embarked upon a crash course in restaurant hospitality. Calastri assisted in nearly every capacity. Helping the kitchen staff prepare cuisine, helping the Maitre D’ take reservations and seat diners, and helping maintain the meticulous presentation of the dining area, including the trademark floral arrangements which have earned The Frog a coveted décor ranking in the top tier of New York restaurants. Calastri helped set up the weekly staff meetings which are part of the rigorous routine of La Grenouille and helped out with staff training sessions. He worked daily with the exclusive and discerning clients of the restaurants, ensuring that service was efficient and consistently excellent. Part of his assistance to diners was setting up dining tables with immaculate table settings of china, glassware and silverware.

La Grenouille Management Assistant Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY made weekly checks of equipment inventory and worked to keep the La Grenouille’s client list current. Private parties and attention to customer specifications, training bus boys and waiters and learning Open Table software were all part of the complex experiences which prepared Calastri to enter the world of hospitality.

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Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY Assists at a Notable French Venue

Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY began his career at La Grenouille. La Grenouille began its dominance of luxurious dining in New York City in 1962, founded by Charles Masson, Sr. and his wife Gisele. Charles Sr. had been an apprentice of Henri Soule, the owner of Le Pavillon, which had defined French food in New York and subsequently the United States, from 1941 to 1966, when Soule died. La Grenouille quickly became, along with Quo Vadis, Lafayette, La Cote Basque, La Caravelle and Lutece, a restaurant of choice for haute cuisine French dining. Located at 3 East 52nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, La Grenouille continues today as the last of these great fine French restaurants from the 1960’s.

Alessandro Calastri’s first restaurant management position in New York, NY exposed him to the best in international dining. His venue, La Grenouille, continues its dominance as the premiere French eatery in New York alone, as other haute French cuisine restaurants which once held have all gone by the wayside. La Grenouille may also owe its longevity to its location in the fashion district of Midtown Manhattan. The clientele of this highly respected fine French restaurant include fashion designers and notable national and international business and celebrity diners.

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Alessandro Calastri: Client Relationship Management Tips

For the last six years, Alessandro Calastri has been building his career in the restaurant industry. He currently works in management at a favorite restaurant in New York. As a hospitality professional, he needs to work with his employees to ensure guests are receiving the highest customer service. Building customer relationships are key to finding success in the restaurant industry and can make a huge difference between a one-time customer and a loyal customer. Here are five ways restaurants can turnaround customer churn with their Client Relationship Management (CRM) initiative.

1. Building a customer database will help you get to know your customers. When creating your database, you want to collect customer contact details, the frequency of their visits, meal preferences, and the average amount spent per visit.

2. Understand what food items sell well and which ones don’t. Understanding which menu items are more profitable will allow you to engineer your menu to meet the needs and tastes of your customers.

3. Begin developing strategic promotional campaigns based on the insights provided by your CRM solution. Your CRM solution allows you to target specific groups of customers and customize your marketing campaign.

4. Create loyalty programs based on the data collected through your CRM solution. Loyalty programs can track the frequency of visits, meal preferences, and when they tend to visit. This information provides you with the perfect platform to engage with your customers.

5. Allow customers the opportunity to provide you with feedback about their visit. Along with gathering feedback and suggestions from your customers, it is important to deal with complaints immediately. An unhappy customer will be quick to spread the word about bad service, so it is important to make sure each complaint is properly handled.

The long-term benefits of employing a CRM solution in your restaurant will be well worth the initial investment. Alessandro Calastri is always looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

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