Alessandro Calastri: Restaurant Management

Alessandro Calastri is the assistant general manager of Frankie’s 570 Spuntino in New York. He started his career in the restaurant industry when he was twenty-one years old. He worked in an upscale French restaurant, and the experience changed him forever. “I moved my way up to different positions across a variety of restaurants and I’ve become quite familiar with every different angle, from the dining room to the kitchen. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years, and every day I keep learning something new, which makes my work all the more exciting,” he says.

After he graduated from Providence College, he attended the International Culinary Center and earned a certificate in restaurant management. He loves his career and always looks forward to serving his patrons. As a restaurant manager, Mr. Calastri is responsible for scheduling and directing staff on a day to day basis. He oversees service, and is involved with the hiring process. He creates the seasonal cocktail list, and he oversees profits and losses. Alessandro Calastri has worked in the restaurant industry for many years and always looks forward to creating a fantastic dining experience for his patrons.

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