Alessandro Calastri: Haute Cuisine

Alessandro Calastri has always loved dinner time. He enjoys creating meals for friends and family. He chose to turn his passion for cooking into a career. “At 21 years old, I got my first taste of working in the restaurant world, and I haven’t looked back since,” says Mr. Calastri. “After college I attended the International Culinary Center in NYC and received two certificates in Restaurant Management and intensive Chef training.” Mr. Calastri has worked in upscale French restaurants and has extensive experience with Italian cuisine. He is interested in haute cuisine and providing all of his guests with the best dining experience possible.

Haute cuisine, which translates to high cuisine, focuses on using high quality ingredients and providing moderate portions. Haute cuisine is commonly used to described complex French dishes. Chefs who work in upscale French restaurants are often highly skilled and experienced. Mr. Calastri is fluent in French as well as Italian. He loves to cook and grew up creating elaborate dinners with his family. Alessandro Calastri loves haute cuisine and creating delicious meals for his patrons.

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