Alessandro Calastri: Tips to Appreciate Every Bite

Alessandro Calastri is a New York City, NY, restaurant operator who came to his profession because of a passion for food.

“Growing up in an Italian family, dinner time was important . . . it was always my favorite part of the day,” said Alessandro Calastri. “I wanted to find a job that could be like that family/dinner-time experience every day . . . so I turned my passion into my profession.”

If you’d like to appreciate food the way a passionate industry professional might, tips like those below will help:

•    Appreciation

As one who grew up participating in the world of competitive sports, Calastri understands the many parallels between achieving success in an athletic environment and thriving in the high-pressure environment of food preparation. Ensuring dinner is delicious, enjoyable and satisfying for everyone often requires a great deal of fast-paced work behind-the-scenes, and appreciating that effort can help to enhance the overall meal experience.

•    Wait

After taking one bite, set down your utensils and wait. Chew it, swallow it, perhaps sip your drink and then pick up your utensils for another bite.

If you’d like to join restaurant professionals like Alessandro Calastri, consider speaking with one in your area for insights and advice.

For more information visit other profile links of Alessandro Calastri :


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