Alessandro Calastri: How to Appreciate Your Food

As one who grew up participating in the world of competitive sports, Alessandro Calastri understands the many parallels between achieving success in an athletic environment and thriving in the high-pressure atmosphere of an in-demand restaurant. As Calastri knows, the fast-paced, high-energy setting of a busy restaurant relies heavily on many of the same principles that are so central to athletic competition; those needed not only to remain a competitive industry stalwart, but also to continually meet and even exceed the expectations of customers, management and staff on a daily basis.

Alessandro Calastri

As both a former athlete and current professional restaurateur, Alessandro Calastri knows the values and similarities each field shares; those that underline and fuel the success of athletes and restaurant staff alike.


Much like a sports team, the people that compose a professional restaurant staff must work together at all times to ensure a superlative dining experience for every customer. From chefs and wait staff to hosts, bussers and more, everyone must be able to function together and toward a common goal in order to succeed.


Athletes are in a state of constant competition, not only against other teams, but against one another. This helps to ensure everyone is performing their best at any given moment, as well as to create a better, more cohesive unit.

The same goes for those on the restaurant business. An atmosphere that promotes and rewards competition helps to encourage each individual to perform at their very best, and helps to elevate the quality of the experience in the process.

Pressure and Pace

The best athletes not only function well under pressure; they thrive. The ability to consistently overcome the demands of pressure and and go beyond expectations is what separates the good from the great.

Restaurants tend to be fast-paced, pressurized environments. To succeed, one must be able to not only navigate the potential perils of that pressure, but to do so with grace.

For Restaurateur Alessandro Calastri, the experience of working in restaurants has been a transformative one. Not only has Calastri built an impressive career in the industry; he has enjoyed the opportunity to shape and strengthen his character, to grow as a person, and to become a more humble human being.

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