Alessandro Calastri: Working as a Restaurant Manager

Alessandro Calastri is a restaurant manager in New York City, NY. He has years of experience and is passionate about his field.

Below are some of Alessandro Calastri’s many thoughts on his career, taken from a 2017 interview:

•    Family Dinner Time

“Growing up in an Italian family, dinner time was important and always the time when we would share food and conversation,” said Mr. Calastri. “I wanted to find a job that could be like that . . . It didn’t take long for me to figure out the equation that people + food = restaurant, so I turned my passion into my profession.”

•    Exciting

“I moved my way up to different positions across a variety of restaurants and I’ve become quite familiar with every different angle,” he reflected. “Every day I keep learning something new, which makes my work all the more exciting.”

If you would like to join professionals like Alessandro Calastri in the restaurant industry, look for related jobs in your area and start moving up the ranks as he did. Seek training from organizations like the International Culinary Center once you’re certain it’s the career for you.

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