Alessandro Calastri: Lessons in the Restaurant Industry

Alessandro Calastri is a New York City, NY, restaurant manager that came to the industry with a love of family dinners and cooking.

“At 21 years old, I got my first taste of working in the restaurant world,” said Alessandro Calastri. “I haven’t looked back since. I moved my way up to different positions across a variety of restaurants and I’ve become quite familiar with every different angle, from the dining room to the kitchen. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years, and every day I keep learning something new, which makes my work all the more exciting.”

Lessons in the restaurant industry aren’t always easy to learn, but they can be life-changing. From accepting the inevitable long hours to learning to treat staff like family, each has its purpose. Those who want to work alongside pros like Alessandro Calastri must approach their careers with open minds, eager to learn.

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